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Luck SHOP Weekly Spiritual Bulletin

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Prayer Bulletin

2/1/21 Prayer

Dear Lord,

Prepare me for the coming week. Take away my worries and my regrets. Recharge my soul and renew my hope. Please go before me, clear the way and protect me. Bring the right people into my life and move the wrong people out of the way. Guide me with Your love and give me Your joy. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

~ Charity M. Richey-Bentley

Featured Product

Black Destructor Oil

Destroy bad luck, spells, evil, witchcraft, jinx, addictions, enemies, money problems, aches, pains- everything! Be protected in all that you do! Never have encounters with the DEVIL again! 


  • Use 3 capfuls in front and/or back yard.
  • Use 3 capfuls near front and/or back door.
  • Use 3 capfuls in mop or bath water.
  • Use 1 capful on body, as a perfume
Black Destructor Oil



Your zone of friends and peer groups is further amplified this week, so be sure to make connections.


Schmooze your way through this week as you represent yourself, your work, and the professional direction you’re headed. Update those headshots, tweak or even redesign anything that represents your public profile.


Question the meaning of life this week, Gemini, and contemplate answers you get. Expanding your understanding is beneficial but don’t draw concrete conclusions for the next few weeks; just cast your net wide.


Go undercover this week and plumb the depths of a topic or person you want to know more about.


Partnerships just got a rose-tinted glow as your zone of one-to-ones promises pleasure in relationships. A little commitment over the weekend or celebration to formalizing a bond may be in order.


Pleasure in work, working partnerships, or even forming beneficial and pleasurable new connections through work or your regular routine are on the cards.


As the zodiac’s resident lover of love, you’re in your element with all things pleasure pointing to your romance and creativity zone. Rediscover the romance if your relationship could do with some fluffing up.


If you haven’t already, it’s time to put some TLC into your nest. Even if it’s something simple like coffee table books and magazines or greening with pot plants. Take your time to plan if you’re called to make radical changes, tech up, or even change residence. Staying in to spend time with family, Zoom with friends, or to pursue your own thoughts more deeply is not only beneficial but enjoyable this week.


Indulge your inner reader or writer as all things communications are dialed up for you this month. From Monday, add a creative touch—think poetry, discovering your new favorite author, or sitting down at the computer and starting to write.


Take a fresh look into your finances on a practical level. Once you have the lay of your financial landscape, check in with what you value most highly, so you’re clear on how you’re earning and spending.


Your love of socializing is dialed up and your aura is distinctly charming over the next month. The famous Mercury retrograde is in your sign for three weeks. Note what new information bubbles up, and seriously consider any course correction on projects, your outlook, direction, or even a new look. 

Up-to-Date Announcements

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  • February specials posted on the home page!

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